Heiz x Absolut Vodka

Heinz x Absolut Vodka - Is this for real?

Surrealism or a TikTok Takeover? The Gigi Hadid Vodka pasta sauce trends allies us to make sense of the unexpected collaboration between Absolut Vodka and Heinz Tomato sauce. The good old 150 year old pasta sauce got a little boozy with its splash of spirit, cheese, basil and classic tomato taste. 

With TikTok trends taking over the internet brands are keeping up with the trends by simplifying consumers lives through the pop of a jar. Who wants to start cooking from scratch when all you need to do is pour the paste over your simply boiled pasta to be in with the celebs. 

It's time for firms to take notes from this alliance and start seeking opportunities for smart collaborations and innovative partnerships through social media and thriving trends. 

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